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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red Carpet Gala

Well done everyone!!! The day could not have gone better and hopefully everyone enjoyed today. Photos and possibly video will be put up soon to show off the amazing work done by the video crew, sound crew, lighting, and even the vast amount of volunteers (also thanks to everyone who made it possible for video to come up to this level.) We have two more Show Choir presentations, one for the Middle School on Tuesday, and the other for Swing into Spring. As for the video crew, lets keep up the good work and hopefully we will be able to soon begin to use the streaming feature on the Tricaster. Don't forget to check back for photos!!!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Modulated TV Channels

The following channels are the new modulated channels sent to all the TVs in the school building.
74-Program from Mixer
124-Wide Camera Shot
122-Infrared Video


New TV and Cable

The new dual RG6 cable has been run up to Gary's office to send video from master control up in video engineering for Saturday's Red Carpet Gala. Along with the new cable run, we recently put up the new 60 inch led tv out in the commons. We hope the tv will get some use out of it. There are plans to have basketball on for March Madness this week during lunch. Keep tuning in for updates.